Best Rechargeable AA Batteries Solution

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And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really think is the best Option for best rechargeable AA batteries. (Ez battery reconditioning)


Note that this a review though, if you’re looking for Ez battery reconditioning website then click here. 


Why am I writing this? Well, when I was searching the internet for rechargeable AA batteries. I came across many AA batteries that promises to be rechargeable but at the end of the day they weren’t chargeable for a  long period of time, which leads to spending more money again to buy new batteries but then I found the solution to my problem.

So I thought I’d write one quick review to help any of you who are in the same position I was.


But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.


Ok without further ado, let’s get into it!


The ez battery reconditioning program consists of a step by step manual.

The manual will take you through all matters about batteries such as lifespan of batteries, how to maintenance and some methods to recondition old dead batteries no matter what type of battery they are.

What to you can expect to get from this manual.


You’ll get full knowledge of about necessary aspects related to the battery reconditioning

The manual consists of 21 chapters which contains detailed step by step clear instruction on how to revive dead batteries.

You’re about to know various possible ways to earn profit using the skill of battery reconditioning.

Detailed instruction in restoring dead old batteries completed with pictures, chart and diagram to make the explanation much clearer and easy to follow.

You’re about to be familiar with any batteries you mostly use and how to revive them not to instead of throwing them away to buy new ones.



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So basically you’re getting an easy step by step e-book manual which contains the secrets to revive dead batteries and never again having to buy the same type of battery again.


Now for the pros & cons




  • Worthy knowledge to reviving any type of dead batteries
  • Easy to follow
  • Battery restoring method which can contribute in save earth
  • Saves you money
  • Possible ways of making money(Using the knowledge you attained from this e-book)
  • 60 day money back guaranteed
  • Immediately available online – no need for shipping




-Difficult words (depending on your vocabulary)

Best Rechargeable aa batteries


My Personal Opinion


I am someone who uses a lot of battery power and had to waste a lot of money buying batteries over and over again. But now with this method I revive my batteries and never have to buy the same types batteries again, this e-book helped me save money and increased my knowledge so if you’re like me I highly recommend you look into Ez battery reconditioning it might be a money saver for you too.


I hope this review has provided you with the quality information you were looking for, if you have still have some questions feel free to contact me using the contact page.


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Helpful Video – Extend AA Battery life (Temporary)

Alkaline Battery Recycling

Alkaline Battery Recycling


To understand alkaline battery recycling better, let us first check what an alkaline battery is: An Alkaline battery is a type of battery that depends upon the reaction of zinc with manganese oxide for its power. An alkaline battery is so named because it contains an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide- in place of ammonium chloride or the more common zinc chloride electrolytes in a zinc-carbon battery.


When I compared it to a zinc-carbon battery of the same voltage, I came to know that an alkaline battery has a longer life as well as more energy. An alkaline battery can be recharged by implementing specific design that allows reuse of some of its cells. I use alkaline batteries in many applications and devices at home- camera, torch light, toys, radio and music player among a whole lot of other gadgets.

Alkaline Battery Recycling

I know for sure that rechargeable batteries contain lethal metals like mercury, cadmium and lead that are hazardous to health. Therefore, used rechargeable batteries like those in mobile phones, laptops cameras and power tools, should not be disposed of along with other general garbage, because they endanger the environment. They need to be recycled.

However, alkaline battery recycling is not required, contrary to what I believed! They can be disposed of in the normal way through the garbage bin, because they any way end up in landfills. In most places, disposal of alkaline batteries along with normal domestic garbage or waste is allowed. But then again, jurisdictional laws are different in different locations. So to simplify disposal, some countries/ states have banned disposing any type of batteries along with domestic waste.



Why alkaline battery recycling is not required


I did my research and came to know that since 1993, battery manufacturers have stopped using mercury in making alkaline batteries because of general concerns regarding mercury. Alkaline batteries contain only common metals like zinc, manganese and steel, so they do not pose a threat to health in particular or the environment in general. As such, alkaline batteries can be disposed of safely, along with domestic waste, as they do not contain harmful substances.


Since there are no valuable materials in alkaline batteries, the disposing agencies face a net cost to dispose the material. I read about some novel ways that have been adopted by companies in the US: the battery case material is separated into zinc and manganese by shredding at one company while another mixes batteries in steelmaking to produce low grade steel!



Considering these arguments, I safely conclude that alkaline battery recycling is not necessary because they do not contain any mercury. Also, since they contain hardly any material worth recovering, it is neither feasible nor necessary to recycle them. Summing up further, I know for a fact now, that alkaline batteries do not contain toxic or lethal material as was generally believed. However, they do contain other metals such as zinc, nickel, manganese, cobalt and a bit of silver, which cannot be recovered in cost effective ways. Claims are also made that these metals, that are commonly available in nature, do not pose any threat to the environment, even if disposed of as general domestic waste.


So there!


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Lead Acid Battery Safety

Lead Acid Battery Safety


A Lead-acid battery is a source of power for a variety of applications and equipment such as automobiles, boats, UPS systems and power generators. They are large and heavy and create electricity with the help of lead plates that are immersed in an acid solution.

I was told that it is vital that these devices be handled with utmost care as they can cause physical damage or injury to people handling them. How? The material that composes the lead acid battery are harmful to the human body as the acid can cause severe burns. Also, the sheer weight can cause injury while lifting or transporting.

I recently read that in the United States, on an average, 2300 people are injured every year while handling these batteries, during service and maintenance. Half of these injuries are caused by acid burns to the eyes and face as the lead acid batteries tend to explode, if not handled properly. The other half of injuries are caused by the devices when they are lifted for moving or are dropped, as they are very heavy.

Lead Acid Battery Safety

Basics of Lead-Acid batteries

On research, I found that:

  • Lead acid batteries contained a solution of electrolyte that comprised of 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water. This solution is harmful and can cause severe burns to the human skin, particularly to the face and eyes.
  • When in operation, water gets evaporated from non-sealed batteries.
  • While charging, the lead acid batteries yield oxygen and hydrogen gases, as electrolysis occurs. These gasses are extremely inflammable and explosive too.
  • Most of the lead acid battery explosions happen when the electrolytes are underneath the plates inside the battery thereby forming space for the gasses to collect. The creation of a spark when the battery gets engaged causes explosion.

Lead Acid Battery Safety Precautions

Given the above characteristics, it is but imperative to take proper Lead Acid Battery Safety precautions while handling them. To avoid the risk of injury or other dangers, the following safety precautions need to be observed:

  • Wear approved and certified safety goggles or glasses to protect the eyes.
  • Use a face shield
  • Wear appropriate safety clothes protecting the hands and other parts of the body.
  • Conduct the work in a place that has good ventilation.
  • Avoid leaning over the devices during charging or testing.
  • Remove any source of ignition from the area as they could make the battery explode. Make sure too that there are no open flames around.
  • If not adequately trained, do not attempt to charge or adjust the connections on the battery.
  • Use only standard chargers, specifically designed for the batteries.
  • Don’t over charge a battery and replenish the fluid with only distilled water.
  • In case of spillage of acid, neutralize it with baking soda solution. Thereafter, rinse away with clear water.
  • Make sure that the vent caps are tight and at the proper level.
  • Strictly keep the batteries out of the reach of children.
  • In the unfortunate event of an accident, immediately flush with water and get roper medical care from a physician.

I would advise anyone to always bear in mind the basic characteristics described above and follow the lead acid battery safety precautions for your well being!


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Extend battery life – tips

Charge Before it’s too late

You can charge NiMH batteries any time you feel like.

They lose their power quickly, so you’ll probably recharge them a lot.

Luckily, it doesn’t take that much electricity to charge them.

Make sure to remove the charger from the wall socket when you are done charging. Rechargeable alkaline batteries will last longer if they are charged often. A fully depleted battery is a short-lived battery.


Put batteries in the fridge

This works great for NiMH batteries.

They’ll retain 9/10 of a full charge while stored in the fridge.

At room temperature, there is a possibility that they’d keep only a fraction of that fraction.

Alkaline batteries are a bit more controversial.

Studies have shown that alkaline battery life is extended by only 5% if kept in the fridge.

That’s not a whole lot, but if you live in a hot climate, your batteries may actually deplete because of it, making the alkaline-battery-in-the-fridge idea a worthwhile one.

If you live in Alaska, your batteries are probably all right sitting in a drawer in the pantry.

NOTE: Make sure to warm up batteries to room temperature before using. Additional, if you need batteries for an emergency, remember to keep a set out of the fridge for just such emergencies.


Turn C batteries into Ds with quarters

Only a few things ever need D batteries, but who has them handy when you need those things?

If you’ve got some slightly more handy C batteries around, you only need a few quarters to turn them into makeshift Ds.

You won’t get the same longevity, and you’ll have to part with up to $1.50 for a bit, but it works.

Best rechargeable AA batteries – The search to save money begins …

OK so you might be wondering why I’m searching for best rechargeable AA batteries.

I’m currently searching for the best cost efficient option for rechargeable AA batteries, because I’m someone who uses a lot of battery usage daily due to my accessories and batteries are expensive and prices keep going up.

That’s why I’m looking for the solution.

I know there is a lot of people who is currently in the same situation  I’m in, so for you out there who’s like me I got your back.

I’m going to search for the best solution and keep you guys updated on my findings and hopefully we can overcome this problem.